Design of domestic and central heating plants

Design of domestic and central heating plants
Design of DHP, BHP, CHP

Heating plant is a set of devices located in a separate premise and consisting of elements of heating power plants, providing connection of these plants to external heating networks, their efficiency, control of heat consumption modes, regulation of heat carrier parameters and distribution of heat carrier by consumption types.

The main tasks of heating plant operation are the following:

  • Heat carrier type conversion
  • Heat carrier parameters monitoring and regulation
  • Heat carrier distribution among heat consumption systems
  • Heat consumption systems shutoff
  • Heat consumption systems protection against emergency increase of heat carrier parameters
  • Heat carrier and heat consumption metering

Heating plants vary in quantity and type of heat consumption system connected to them, individual peculiarities of which determine heat scheme and characteristic of the plant equipment. The following types of heat loads are distinguished:

  • Individual heating plant (DHP). It is used for maintenance of one consumer – a building or its part. As a rule, it is located in the basement or engineering premise of the building.
  • Central heating plant (CHP). It is used for maintenance of a group of buildings or industrial facilities. It is usually located in a detached facility.
  • Block heating plant (BHP).). It is manufactured at factory and supplied as fabricated blocks ready for installation. It consists of one or several blocks. The block equipment is installed densely and, as a rule, to one frame. It is usually used in case of necessity of space saving and in cramped conditions.

The heating plant locates the following heat energy supply systems of consumers:

  • Hot water supply system.. It is intended to supply consumers with hot water. There are close and open hot water supply systems. Heat from the hot water supply system is often used by consumers for partial heating of rooms, for example, bath rooms, in apartment residential buildings.
  • The heating system is intended for room heating to maintain design air temperature there. There are direct and indirect schemes of connection of heating systems.
  • The ventilation systemsystem is intended for heating of outdoor air incoming to the building ventilation systems. It also can be used for connection of direct heating systems of consumers. Heat source for heating plants is heat generating companies. The heating plants are connected to the sources and consumers by means of heat networks. The heat networks are subdivided into primary main heat networks connecting the heating plants with heat generating companies and secondary heat networks connecting it with end consumers.

The Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute develops the design and working documentation of heating plants of any capacity and composition arrangement as well as organizes complete set of setup work after its installation.

Design of heating plants – DHP, CHP, BHP of buildings and facilities

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