Design of Outdoor Lighting

Проектирование систем наружного освещения Street outdoor lighting includes means of artificial increase of optical visibility outdoors during hours of darkness to ensure safe vehicle and pedestrian traffic. As a rule, it is performed by lights attached to masts, posts, viaducts and other supports. The lights are turned on at night automatically or from a traffic control station.

The outdoor lighting system consists of the following elements:

  • outdoor lighting of buildings in residential areas
  • street lighting of rural, municipal and primary roads
  • lighting of municipal parks and recreation areas

At design of the outdoor lighting, the following shall be ensured: rated values of quantitative and qualitative indices of lighting units; economic feasibility of the units and rational use of energy; reliable performance of lighting units; safety of maintenance personnel and people; maintainability and ease of control of lighting units.

At design of outdoor lighting units, selection of supports and lights by our company personnel is carried out taking into account architectural and planning peculiarities of the illuminated area.

At design of outdoor lighting of motor roads the specialists of the Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute perform calculation of illumination intensity and consider such factors as:

  • traffic density
  • terrain
  • motor vehicle accident statistics
  • transport vehicle types
  • expected driving speed
  • parking regulations
  • presence of special sections – intersections, junctions, bridges and viaducts

Outdoor Lighting. Design of Lighting Systems.

The equipment and materials applied in lighting units comply with the requirements and of the standards and specifications, rated mains voltage and environmental conditions.

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