Water and Petrochemicals Leak Location System

The Engineering Infrastructure Design Institute offers to its partners a new service – design of water and petrochemicals detection and location system TraceTek on the basis of the Pentair Thermal Controls company products.

This type of services is new enough on the Russian market but its importance is confirmed by the fact that a series of countries regulates necessity of availability of leak location system by the pipeline operating procedure on the legislative level.

The main task of the leak detection system consists in leak detection, its location and generation of a signal with display of information on leak presence. This system can be integrated into the general automatic facility control system.

The system operation principle is based on voltage variation in a cable at exposure of controlled environment to it.

Sensing cable has two insulated conductors and two electrodes coated with conductive polymer. Low voltage is supplied to the sensing cable and internal resistors limits intensity of current passing through sensing cable loop. Actual value of current intensity is tracked by measurement of voltage drop through internal reference resistor. In case of leak, additional current will find the path of least resistance and pass through leak. This will lead to increase of intensity of current passing through the reference resistor. Resulting increase of voltage drop through the reference resistor sends a signal to the control module on necessity of alarm activation.

After detection of leak the control module switches over automatically from the leak detection mode to leak location mode. Digital reading of a distance to leak point is determined by measurement of voltage drop in the sensing cable between the leak point and control module. Voltage drop is linear and proportional to the leak location.

The leak detection and location systems are important for operation of water and petrochemicals pipelines as well as specialized facilities to which the following is related:

  • archives and museums
  • server rooms
  • computer equipment rooms
  • telecommunication and power electrical equipment rooms, etc.

The basic information is available at thermal.pentair.com